LOGICNETS is a secure browser-based decision support platform that allows healthcare organizations to easily standardize and share their clinical best practices and protocols with staff, patients, and partners on demand, anywhere, and on any device. Experts in any clinical or administrative process can work in LOGICNETS to visually model their decision-making processes, link decision steps to a wide range of existing information, and then let the LOGICNETS platform generate an interactive browser-based application to guide non-expert users through the proscribed process. LOGICNETS applications support existing workflow and can seamlessly and securely integrate with other clinical applications so that critical protocols can be accessed and enforced dynamically from the EMR and other software environments.


Will you be ready for the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) on January 1, 2020? LogicNets has developed a solution for Institutions, Ordering Professionals, Provider Led Entities and HIT Vendors to meet Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) requirements and ensure optimal patient care.
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LOGICNETS provides an interactive design environment that lets users easily diagram clinical processes, guidelines, and algorithms as if they were sketching on a whiteboard. The system then converts this content to browser-based applications accessible to clinicians, staff, and patients across the network. No programming knowledge is required to create remarkably sophisticated applications for supporting clinical decisions.

The LOGICNETS Designer makes it easy to display any visual concept, collect information, add data from external sources, construct rules, route to endpoints, and much more. LOGICNETS is an intuitive and effective knowledge collaboration platform for capturing, automating, and enforcing your critical clinical processes. [Request a Free Trial]




LOGICNETS lets healthcare organizations create highly structured automated protocols to guide users precisely through even the most complex decision trees to the appropriate diagnostic and treatment outcomes. The system intelligently sequences questions and displays contextually related knowledge articles to help users provide the correct input and ensure the correct outcome. The approach is ideal for enabling non-expert users to contribute productively to the organization’s critical processes (ex. synoptic reporting). [Request a Free Trial]

Personalized medicine is entirely changing the way outcomes-based research will have to be applied to be meaningful. LOGICNETS allows our protocol library to be modular and for us to rapidly adapt and release new Protocols that address the implications of DNA testing, mutation analysis, and personalized treatment.

Paul Seegers

Advisor and Administrator of National Pathology Protocols, PALGA



LOGICNETS enables unmatched flexibility for collecting the critical clinical observations that lead to accurate and standardized protocols for assessments and reports. The system dynamically constructs and re-optimizes input forms in reaction to each observation. It simultaneously generates accurate clinical reports, conclusions and diagnoses that are easily formatted to meet the organization’s needs and can be securely distributed to users or transferred to the EHR or other clinical systems at the push of a button. [Request a Free Trial]

It took my colleagues and me a whole year to write our diabetes preoperative algorithm and less than 10 days to get it up and running on LOGICNETS. To our surprise, at first we found no solution, no companies – only programmers that would need months to make it happen. We then came across LOGICNETS and it was the perfect match.

Robert J. Rushakoff

Medical Director for Inpatient Diabetes, University of California San Francisco


LOGICNETS lets clinicians visually navigate, interact, and comply with their organization’s critical decision-making guidelines. Working from any device, clinicians can use their own workflow to gather data and visually check it against system-recommended pathways. The system continuously responds to user inputs to graphically highlight available pathways and ensure collection of mandatory data points. As a result, users benefit from interactive guidance and validation, but maintain high-level visibility and control. [Request a Free Trial]


LOGICNETS provided a platform that our members could work with to capture the new layers of complexity and which could deliver it online in a user-friendly format, guiding users and heuristically learning from their experiences to constantly improve the effectiveness of the protocols.

Dr. Douglas A. Drossman

President, Rome Foundation


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Wolters Kluwer Health

LogicNets was selected by UpToDate as an interactive design platform for packaging and delivering Advanced Clinical Decision Support to the healthcare provider market.

PALGA - Dutch National Pathology Registry

From the initial board presentation through to our nationwide rollout, our pathologists were very impressed by the capabilities of LogicNets.

LogicNets provided a platform that our members could work with to capture the new layers of complexity and which could deliver it online in a user-friendly format.


It took us a year to write our diabetes preoperative algorithm and less than ten days to get it up and running on LogicNets.



LOGICNETS develops and delivers the premiere platform for clinical decision support. Our software allows healthcare organizations to capture their own decision-making expertise in an intuitive and interactive design environment and deliver it dynamically to users on any browser-based device. We are unwavering in our commitment to the ideal that smarter decisions result in better care. With over 10 years implementing strategic solutions for customers ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations, we have seen the benefits that using LOGICNETS provides for quality of care, improved outcomes, and operational efficiency. We love what we do because we have seen the realworld impact of our platform in action and we are excited to be part of our customers’ efforts to improve patient care. [Visit our parent site]


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