Product Sheet – Clinical Decision Support PlatformAdobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32

LOGICNETS is a secure browser-based decision support platform for creating critical applications to capture and share the organization’s clinical best practices and protocols. It integrates with the HIT infrastructure stack and lets a wide range of players gain access to critical decision-making knowledge on demand, anywhere, and on any device.


Case Study – PALGA (The National Pathology Foundation of Netherlands)Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32

PALGA — the national pathology foundation of the Netherlands — was created by the Dutch government in 1971 to promote communication and information sharing among the 55 pathology departments in the country. The foundation currently supports over 400 pathologists and 100 other users in a nationwide network of over 50 pathology centers. One of PALGA’s primary directives is to enable high-quality outcomes-based research at a national level.

Over the years, the foundation has pioneered the use of information technology to create ever-improving systems for pathologists throughout the Netherlands to optimize and standardize the collection of pathology examination data and reduce the risk of errors. However, in 2011 the organization began to recognize that their current applications for sequencing the collection of data had serious limitations.

Case Study – UCSF Medical CenterAdobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32

Robert J. Rushakoff, MD is Professor of Medicine and Medical Director for Inpatient Diabetes at University of California San Francisco where he heads a group that focuses on improving outcomes for diabetes patients undergoing surgery. In 2012, he conceived of and successfully completed a project to create an on-line decision support application publicly available to physicians and healthcare professionals to guide them through the proper protocol for preparing patients with diabetes for surgery.




A Survey On The State of Clinical Decision SupportAdobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32

HIMSS highlights a dizzying array of innovative medical technologies and developments. Among them, Clinical Decision Support (CDS) has emerged as one of the hot topics that everyone is talking about.

To provide us with greater insights into how CDS is being implemented in healthcare, we conducted an informal survey at HIMSS15 to determine the level of awareness about CDS and where and how it is being adopted. A total of 103 participants completed the survey at the LogicNets booth, representing a variety of different organizations including hospitals, private clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and government health organizations.


Current status of discrete data capture in synoptic surgical pathology and cancer reportingAdobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32

This article, published in the journal Pathology and Laboratory Medicine International on June 9 ,2015, examines the current status of synoptic pathology reporting with its historical context.  Authors Christopher L Williams, Roger Bjugn and Lewis A Hassell, review current models of adoption in the US, Canada, Norway, and the Netherlands, identifying PALGA (National Pathology Association of the Netherlands) as a global leader in automated synoptic reporting.

LOGICNETS is proud to be a driving force behind PALGA’s success in the Netherlands, having been selected and deployed by them as the platform supporting the nationwide system used by all pathologists to streamline reporting, eliminate errors, and ensure standardized national outcomes reporting.