LogicNets incorporates the necessary features and the company follows the mandatory procedures to ensure compliance with HIPAA for users of the LogicNets software and for our Healthcare Business Associates. Our HIPAA compliance program incorporates the following central elements:

• Continual self-auditing using leading third party assessment tools
• Remediation plans and procedures
• Policies, procedure and employee training for all activities involving access to patient health information (PHI)
• Formal documentation of all policies and procedures with online access for all relevant staff and partners
• Incident management procedures
• Business Associate contractual agreements and management processes

Our software platform is subjected to a range of on-going assessment programs to validate that its functionality and corresponding management practices support the HIPAA mandate regarding PHI data privacy, security, and availability. HIPAA-oriented management practices are performed by LogicNets and subcontractors when LogicNets hosts the software for PHI applications. The practices are recommended through standard documentation to our customers when they deploy the software without LogicNets involvement.